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LUCENT NCLEX pass rate?

Lucent offers 100% pass rate to students who accomplished 100% compliance to the program.

The common denominators of those who passed include: enrollment to our LIVE Review Program, attend all live classes, compliance to all the recommended & assigned activities, and coach-ability (listens to the recommendations of our review specialist) of the NCLEX candidate.


However, if the student is still unsuccessful in passing the NCLEX after completion of the recommended review program, Lucent will provide a one-time attendance to our next live review for FREE which must be completed within 6 months from the last review date he/she has attended. To be eligible for a FREE review, the student must meet all of the following:

  1. Must have paid all the fees of the previous review class attended in full.

  2. Must have attended all days of the live review..

  3. Must have completed all comprehensive exams. Required general average for Comprehensive, and Final Diagnostic Exams: PNs = 65% and above; RNs = 72% and above.

  4. Must have received a "Go Ahead and Take the NCLEX" recommendation from a LUCENT Review Specialist after undergoing the final individual evaluation.

  5. Must have taken the NCLEX within 3 months after attending the live review.

  6. Must have provided a copy of the NCLEX failure notice and candidate performance report for verification.

What if I want to sit-in and retake LUCENT's Live Review?

Students who were enrolled in the LIVE Review Program but have not passed the NCLEX within 6 months from the last review date they attended are allowed to sit-in on the next live review class and are given 50% off the published live review fee. Reservations depend on the availability of seats.

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