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Lucent NCLEX Reviews is a guaranteed, 6-week NCLEX preparation review for RNs and LPNs.  Upon registration, each student will follow the Lucent NCLEX Plan for success.


The Lucent NCLEX Success Plan is administered in 2 phases.

Student will attend 6- weeks of didactic classroom teaching with one of our NCLEX Specialists.

After the didactic phase, student will participate in comprehensive testings. The duration of the comprehensive testings is 3-months post didactic phase. During the comprehensive testing phase, student will be provided with content assessments and study plans based on individual needs.


A Final Diagnostic Exam will be conducted to verify student readiness to take the boards: PNs = 65% and above; RNs = 75% and above.

The student must received a "A Green Light recommendation to take the NCLEX from a Lucent NCLEX Review Specialist after undergoing the final individual evaluation.

Students who do not receive the "Green Light recommendation" will be offered an addition 4-Weeks to participate in comprehensive testings.

Scheduling for comprehensive testings by students will end once the final diagnostic exam has been conducted by the NCLEX Review Specialist and the "Green light" has been giving.

Student must be ready to take the boards anytime after the green light has been giving.


Students must show compliance to all the recommended & assigned activities aligned with the Lucent NCLEX Success Plan.

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